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Core Faculty

Dr. Alluri R. R.



Dr. Alluri has extensive academic, industry, research, and consulting experience in Management theory and practice. He has conducted several consulting engagements in Asia in the energy, chemical, process, banking, transportation, communications, manufacturing, software and retail industries, as well as government organizations and agencies. He has a rich and varied business development and marketing experience in the energy and technology industries, working over the past several years with a diversity of companies including Fortune 500s, Blue Chips and prominent companies. Some of his significant achievements included leading large multinational corporations to adopt process models in the Design for Excellence to help increase productivity, reduce rework and defects, and reduce cycle time for product development.


He is an active trainer and has trained over 2000 people in several companies in many topics related to Technology and Management. He has extensively travelled worldwide and has helped clients in multiple cultures to make the art of change management practical. He has over thirty years of experience in Industry and Academia worldwide.

Areas of Research Interest

Technology Management, Sustainable Business, Green Innovation, Resource Efficiency,



Professional Certification and Training

Certified Sustainability Assurance Practitioner
ISO 50001 - Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Proven Standards
ISO 14064 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Inventories, and Verification
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems
GRI Sustainability Reporting (Certified by Global Reporting Initiative)
Energy Simulation in Buildings
Going Green with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Environmental footprinting
Water Resources Inventory and Footprinting
Life Cycle Analysis - GaBi and Umberto Software
Modeling Human and Ecosystem Exposure and Impacts for Life Cycle Assessments - USEtox Model


Selected Publications

  • Product-Oriented Web Technologies and Product Returns: An Exploratory Study, Working Paper, 2013
  • Analysis or Order Review/Release Methods in a flexible flow shop to minimize work-in-process inventory. International Journal of Technology Policy and Management, 01/2008; 8(3).
  • Use of Information Technology for improving Credit Delivery 2006
  • Investment Coordination and Standardization in Electronic Markets 2005
  • An Information Processing Model of Information Systems Impact on Inter-organizational Coordination 2005
  • Who should own “IT”? Ownership and Incomplete Contracts in Inter-organizational Systems 2004
  • Membership and Incentives in Network Alliances 2004
  • Agent-Intermediated Electronic Markets in International Freight Transportation 2003
  • The Emergence of Functional Knowledge in Socio-technical Systems 2003
  • Building an IT Risk Management Competency 2003
  • How Top Performers match IT Portfolios and Organizational Practices 2002
  • Information Systems as Buzz 2002
  • CRM - A diffusion snapshot 2002
  • Knowing Why and How to Innovate with Packaged Business Software 2001
  • Emergent Online Communities: The Structuring of Communicative Practices over the Internet 2001
  • What drives Waves in Information Technology? 2001
  • IT discourse from the organizing vision perspective 2000
  • Whether, When and How to Innovate With Information Technology: What Do Empirical Studies Tell Us? 2000
  • IT Research and Analysis Services: Surveying their use and usefulness 2000
  • Operation Knowledge Base 1999
  • Data Vs Knowledge 1999
  • Are you setting up a Commercial Web site or a Virtual Community? 1998
  • Internet Business Models for International Markets 1997
  • Education and Training with the Internet 1997
  • Web-based EDI for Developing Countries 1997
  • Web Based Enterprise Management 1996
  • Enterprise Resource Integration in the Petroleum Industry 1994
  • Organizational transition and preparation for Globalization using the Internet 1994
  • The Indian Information Technology Highway 1995
  • Current Issues in Management Education in India 1993
  • Factors affecting End User Sophistication and refinement of a model of End User Sophistication 1994
  • Connecting to the Global Village 1994
  • Enterprise Integration with Internet 1994
  • Business Ventures with the Internet 1994
  • Data Integration in the Oil & Gas Industry 1993
  • Subject Analysis in Online Catalogs – Knowledge Organization 1993, Vol. 20:3 P.165



Invited Speaker

International Conference on Ceramics, Glass & Allied Products, Jaipur 2012
Innovation & Leadership in Ceramic & Glass Industry with Green & Sustainable Strategies
International Conference on Ceramics, Jodhpur 2012
Energy Management in the Ceramics Industry

Green Building and Energy Efficiency International Conference, Shanghai 2009
Leadership by Example: Investing in a Clean Energy Future

Climate Change and Business Conference, Melbourne 2009
Emerging Markets: Cleantech Business Opportunities

FOSS.IN 2005 – India’s premier Free and Open Source Conference, Bangalore
FOSS Enterprise Computing Platform – Enterprise IT Management

6th Annual European Six Sigma Summit, London, UK, 2005
Design for Operational Excellence – Breakthrough for IT & Telecommunications Businesses

NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY DAY 2004 – Keynote Address at CPRI
Knowledge Management and the Learning Organization

BIG-2003, National Convention of the Computer Society of India, Vizag
Enterprise Information Portals – Enablers of Knowledge Management
Tackling Parkinson's and Murphy's Laws in Project Management with Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management
Entrapped!! - How did my project get stuck?
Build a Strong Foundation using the Discovery Process for your Project's Success
The Strategic role of the Program Manager

INFORMATICA 2003 - National Conference on Knowledge Management, Hyderabad
Communities of Practice - The key to Intellectual Capital Management
Enterprise Information Portals - Enablers of KM

PETROTECH 2003, New Delhi
Supply Chain Management in the Petroleum Industry
21st Century Knowledge Strategies for the Oil and Gas Companies

CSI2002 - National Convention of the Computer Society of India, Bangalore
Portals for e-Business

International Symposium on Fuels and Lubricants, New Delhi 2002
Enterprise Portals provide Petrochemical and Refinery Decision Makers with a Digital Dashboard, not just Data

Supply Chain & Logistics Conclave, Bangalore 02
Exacting Customer Demands & Value Creation

Smart Petroleum Management Amsterdam 99
Transforming an O&G enterprise to an e-business

Corporate Portals Conference, Atlanta 99
Knowledge Management and Portals

E-Business World, Phoenix 99
E-Business Innovative Strategies Internet World Canada 98 at Toronto
E-business and Internet

Internet Banking

Workshop on EDI and Electronic Commerce at Calcutta 98
EDI over the Internet

NIIT Conference on Migrating to Intranets at Chennai 98
Electronic Commerce

IBM ACE Centers Vijayawada and Vizag 98
Business Transformation with the Internet

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta - Shastrarth 98
Is IT Delivering the Goods in India?

Indian Merchants Chamber, Mumbai - Internet Summit 98
Workshop on Electronic Commerce
National Internet Policy

IBM Technical Interchange 97 at Raleigh, NC
Global Internet Business Strategies

Chemical Week Conference 97
IT in the Chemical Industry

Gateway 97 at Calcutta -
From traditional business to e-business
Multimedia Asset Management with Digital Library

Cybercity 97 at Bangalore



Outstanding Achievements

IBM India's Employee of the Month – April 1997
MINDWARE Innovation Award of the year – 1996
Indian Oil Outstanding Contribution Award - 1993
Honorary Consultant on Electronic Commerce to the Dept of Electronics

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