Profile of the Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Pavana Dibbur

Dr. Pavana Dibbur, Ph. D.
Vice-Chancellor of Alliance University

Dr. Pavana Dibbur is a distinguished academician and an individual with a wide array of interests that significantly contribute toward enhanced social development.

She obtained a doctoral degree from Bangalore University in the area of Work-Life Balance. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Law and Master of Business Administration degrees from Bangalore University. Her other academic accomplishments include a Master’s degree in Law from Kuvempu University and a Master’s degree in Science from Madras University.

Dr. Dibbur has participated in various conferences and seminars of national and international repute that span across a broad spectrum of disciplines such as stress management, winning sustained competitive advantage, work-life balance and creating and managing stakeholder expectations. This is indicative of her wide range of diverse interests.

She is socially very active and has made significant contributions in a number of areas including working with people seeking work-life balance as they pursue their own lives. She has been engaged in creating work environments in which work-life balance is expected, enabled, and supported. Her visionary outlook, outstanding leadership and passion for education have resulted in Dr. Dibbur being part of multiple high-powered committees in various institutions and organizations. She brings to Alliance University her considerable skills and expertise in the areas of Law, Social Sciences, and Management which are of immense value and will accelerate the University’s way forward to achieving a stronger international reputation and status.


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