Master of Commerce - M. Com.


The programme is a comprehensive and immersive academic journey that delves into various facets of commerce, offering students a well-rounded understanding of the field, and equips students with advanced knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic world of commerce.

Throughout the programme, students engage in an in-depth exploration of financial management, banking, insurance, financial services, accounting principles, and taxation. Emphasizing practical decision-making and risk management, the curriculum ensures a profound comprehension of financial markets, instruments, and regulatory frameworks governing banking and financial services. Students also delve into advanced accounting principles and practices, taxation laws, and compliance, preparing them for roles in auditing, taxation, and financial consulting.

This tailored programme goes beyond theoretical underpinnings, actively cultivating practical skills that are highly relevant to the diverse career paths within commerce. As a transformative journey, the M. Com. program molds adept professionals, equipping them to navigate the intricacies and challenges of the commerce industry. It serves as a platform for holistic learning, ensuring that graduates are not only academically proficient but also possess the practical expertise required for impactful contributions in their chosen fields.

Course Duration

Two Years (Four Semesters)


  • Bachelor’s degree in commerce with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • A relaxation of 5% marks or its equivalent grade may be allowed for those belonging to SC / ST / OBC (non-creamy layer) / Differently Abled.

Key Features

  • Specialized knowledge in Financial Management, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, or Accounting and Taxation.
  • Critical thinking skills for effective decision-making in complex financial scenarios.
  • Practical competencies for immediate application in the professional realm.
  • Research proficiency demonstrated through independent projects.
  • Ethical and legal acumen in commerce and finance.
  • Mastery in written and oral communication.
  • Deepened expertise in the chosen field.
  • Real-world application through internships.
  • Strong foundation in core commerce subjects.
  • Networking and career development opportunities

Course Structure

The M. Com. program comprises a well-structured curriculum to ensure students gain a strong theoretical foundation while also developing practical skills. The program is divided into core courses, specialization courses, and a dissertation / thesis project.

Core Courses (74 Credits):

  • Common subjects that provide a solid understanding of commerce and business principles.
  • Includes courses in accounting, finance, economics, business law, and management.

Specialization Courses (12 Credits):

  • Specialized courses tailored to each group's focus area.
  • In-depth exploration of financial management, banking, insurance, or accounting and taxation.

Dissertation / Thesis (10 Credits):

  • A research project that allows students to apply their learning to real-world problems.
  • Provides an opportunity for in-depth research and analysis within the chosen specialization.

Course Matrix

Semester Subject Title Area
I Accounting Theory Accounts & Finance
Managerial Economics General Management
Financial Management Accounts & Finance
Quantitative Techniques General Management
Marketing Management Marketing Management
Managerial Communication General Management
Organizational Behavior OLS
Corporate Training / Professional Development Skill enhancement
Current Affairs / Knowledge Enhancement Skill enhancement


Semester Subject Title Area
II Research Methodology General Management
Human Resource Management OLS
Corporate Accounting Accounts & Finance
Financial Markets and Institutions Accounts & Finance
E-Commerce Operations Management
Operation Research Operations Management
Advanced Cost and Management Accounting Accounts & Finance
Micro Project and Viva Skill enhancement
Corporate Training / Professional Development Skill enhancement


Semester Subject Title Area
III Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Accounts & Finance
Financial Statement Analysis Accounts & Finance
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance General Management
Corporate Tax Laws and Planning Accounts & Finance
Management Information and Control System Accounts & Finance
Elective I  
Elective II  


Semester Subject Title Area
IV Management of Public Finance General Management
International Financial Management Accounts & Finance
Strategic Management General Management
Legal aspects of Business General Management
Elective III  
Elective IV  
Elective Subject Title
I Project Appraisal and Finance
II Corporate Restructuring through Mergers and Acquisitions
III Derivatives and Risk Management
IV Behavioral Finance


Elective Subject Title
I Commercial Banking
II Insurance Management – Life and General Insurance
III Risk Management in Banks
IV Management of Financial Services


Elective Subject Title
I Corporate Tax Structures and Planning
II Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination
III Goods and Services Tax and Customs Law
IV Accounting Standards & International Financial Reporting Standards


Career Opportunities

Graduates emerge ready to take on various roles in the commerce sector. They can thrive as Financial Analysts, employing strategic decision-making and financial planning skills. Banking Consultants utilize their expertise in risk management and financial product development. Those focused on Accounting and Taxation step into roles such as Tax Consultants or Auditors, ensuring adherence to tax laws and financial compliance. Additionally, the programme prepares graduates for leadership positions, guiding teams as effective Managers with a blend of critical thinking, ethical awareness, and advanced professional skills.


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Contact for Admissions

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