Bengaluru—IT Hub and Garden City

Bengaluru, the capital of the state of Karnataka, is situated in the southern part of India and is spread over the Deccan Plateau. Home to well over nine million inhabitants, and a base for 10,000 industries, Bengaluru is India's fifth-largest city. Aircraft manufacturing and biotechnology have taken giant strides here. Given its booming IT industry, it is now known as the 'Silicon Valley of India. It is also called India's science city. Bengaluru is one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia. The city is also called variously "The Garden City of India", and the "Fashion Capital of India"-attesting to its rich and diverse background. The city is famed for its pleasant climate. An enormous number of trees were planted during British rule and a great deal of vegetation was created.

This overflow of vegetation acquired the epithet, 'The Nursery City of India'. Aside from Lalbagh, there are other numerous immense nurseries situated around here.

Student Community

When you surround yourself with a talented group of diverse peers, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish. Alliance Ascent College’s community is distinctively collaborative, engaged and connected while its cohort system, learning teams and student activities help you create your own close networks and friendships within the larger group of peers. At Alliance Ascent College, you will find students who share your interests and those who introduce you to new ones. Follow your passion, extend your experience and transform yourself in the process.

Campus Experience

Although the pace of the MBA course is hectic and students have a schedule that is filled with classes, group work and personal study time, life does not come to a halt when study is done for the day. Alliance Ascent College follows a 'work hard, play hard' ethic and students engage in a wide variety of extra-curricular and social activities.

Life on campus is rich and varied. You could join one of the several career-oriented clubs and network in a sector or industry in which you plan to pursue your career. If you have a talent for sports, you can represent Alliance Ascent College in inter-collegiate matches. If you like events, then organizing of meets could be your forte, or perhaps you could exhibit your stage talents at annual festivals.

Students also pursue social and leisure activities off-campus. Student groups organize get-togethers and group outings in addition to industrial visits. At Alliance Ascent College you will not only live the life of a student but also explore your hidden gift.

However you may decide to spend your time, you will most likely look back at your stint at Alliance Ascent College as the best time of your life!

Athletics and Fitness

Alliance Ascent College believes in the overall development of students and pays equal importance to physical fitness, as it does to intellectual growth. Students are actively encouraged to compete in annual sports events and competitions.

Arts and Culture

Alliance Ascent College has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and the arts. Various clubs enable you to combine fun with innovation. The cultural activities not only help you imbibe leadership skills, but also inculcate a sense of team spirit and organizational abilities. The diverse background of students inspires ingenuity and encourages their association with a variety of cohorts.

Leadership and Teamwork

In today's world, leadership and teamwork are more important than ever. Teamwork is an integral part of the Alliance Ascent College experience. At the College, we are serious about working together to achieve common goals. In fact, our team-based course structure makes it difficult to succeed if you are in it only for yourself.

Managerial activities involving fests and other events beyond the classroom are greatly encouraged at the Alliance Ascent College. Learning about leadership and teamwork is not something that is restricted to the classroom. You might be surprised to find that your greatest lessons are learnt while pitching for an idea in front of investors, battling it out for the best manager award, helping raise funds for a social cause or, alternatively, while at a class trekking activity.

Community Work

Alliance Ascent College supports social responsibility both from the inside and outside of the classroom. Being a part of Alliance Ascent College community means engaging students in more ways than just academics. It is really about going above and beyond, and trying new things. Alliance Ascent College has many unique opportunities for students to participate in community work. Being a part of the College community means taking advantage of that work. The community projects are designed to have a positive social impact. Recent activities undertaken by students include fund-raising for donation to a not-for-profit entity and providing food and clothing to the needy living below the poverty line.

Passions, Environment and Skills

Explore your passions: what really exemplifies Alliance Ascent College is that you will be able to combine all of your interests and passions in one experience. Alliance Ascent College allows you to discover what you are passionate about, work on all of them at once and move ahead with what you want to do with your career and life. Explore your environment, if you just stay in one place and you just do one thing, then you end up living in a bubble. Coming to Alliance Ascent College and meeting peers with different experiences, cultures and background is like bursting that bubble. It opens your eyes to reality. And looking to the future, this is going to be extremely valuable. Explore your skills, business is not just about being a business unit that generates profit. It is a way of interacting with all stakeholders. The exposure at Alliance Ascent College will help you groom your skills and take your aspirations to the next level.

The Change You Want to See

As they say, "the only thing that is constant is change." The rate at which everything around us is changing-be it technology, the way we communicate or the way business is done-makes one think as to how to adapt to this change. The answer is simple-change with the changing times! The atmosphere at Alliance Ascent College is one that constantly challenges you. Students move ahead by tackling these challenges and transforming themselves in the process. They can impact the outside world only by changing themselves for the better. This attitude propels them to become flexible and strong.


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